Shannon   and   Jill's   NEVER   HAVE   I   EVER   QUESTIONS

We were tired of running out of questions while playing the infamous drinking game "Never have I ever" and got bored one night and decided to write questions down. The sad thing is.. We know someone who has done every single one of these. (you know who you are, you perverts!) We love you anyway, even though we are completely innocent ourselves. }:-)> 

We love y'all!
Shannon and Jill

Never Have I Ever....

1. Had sex in the back of a pickup truck?
2. Fooled around in a sibling's room?
3. Been walked in on by parents?
4. Been walked in on by roommate?
5. Cheated on a test or exam?
6. Had sex in the backseat of a car?
7. Sunbathed partially or totally NEKKID?
8. Streaked?
9. Lied about sexual prefrence to avoid a date?
10. Had sex in a sleeping bag?
11. Skinny dipped?
12. Woken other people up by being too loud during sex?
13. Gotten carded (for anything?)
14. Had a fake ID?
15. Been approached by a hooker?
16. Accepted?
17. Worn clothes to hide a hickey?
18. Cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend?
19. Had sex with an inatimate object?
20. Been too drunk to stay awake during sex?
21. Puked on someone you were kissing at the time?
22. Burped on someone you were kissing at the time?
23. Laughed so hard you peed?
24. Laughed so hard you've snorted?
25. Told someone they had a booger?
26. Been told to tone down the "dirty dancing?"
27. Walked on Broad Street in Richmond after 11 pm?
28. Been so drunk you peed in your own bed?
29. Rolled over and introduced yourself?
30. Woken up drunk?
31. Not remembered how you got home?
32. Bruised you buttbone?
33. Had the infamous "Lights on.. lights OFF" arguement?
34. Committed a felony?
35. Been caught?
36. Gone to Jail?
37. Gone to jail and become Leroy's "girl"?
38. Dropped the soap while in jail.
39. Had a lesbian gym teacher?
40. Accidentally kicked a guy in the nuts?
41. Kicked a guy in the nuts ON PURPOSE. (I told you Not to mess with me sucker)
42. Stolen?
43. Shoplifted?
44. Fooled around on a ski lift?
45. Fooled around with other people in the room.
46. Gotten carpet burns?
47. Woken up sore from fooling around?
48. Had the cat (or dog) walk over you while fooling around?
49. Had milk shoot out of your nose?
50. Fooled around in a roommate's bed?
51. Puked in someone else's mouth?
52. Fallen asleep in class and woken up in a puddle of drool?
53. Fallen out a window?
54. Been PUSHED out a window?
55. Pushed someone out a window?
56. Had to pick a pubic hair from betweeen your teeth?
57. Bought condoms?
58. had your parents ask you if you were a virgin?
59. Did you tell the truth?
60. And had already had sex?
61. Rented a porno and watched the whole thing without saying "that's GROSS!!!"
62. Hooked up with a teacher?
63. Hooked up with a family member? (If you don't get help at Charter.. PLEASE, get help somewhere.)
64. Went stag to prom?
65. Went drunk to prom?
66. Been so high your eyes were almost shut?
67. Had a bad trip?
68. Made jello shooters?
69. ?
70. Swallowed?
71. Spit?
72. Spit everywhere?
73. Got poison ivy from having sex in nature?
74. Had an STD?
75. Been bit by a fish while having sex in the water.
76. Liked it?
77. Gone fishing again?
78. Been so comftorable with your girlfriend/Boyfriend that you leave the bathroom door open?
79. Had sex against a washing machine?
80. Had sex INSIDE a washing machine?
82.  Acted out sex scenes with Barbie and Ken?
83. Hidden a porno under your bed?
84. And had your Mother find it?
85. Had an arguement about what "Lucy in the Sky
with Diamonds" was really about?
86. Taken the morning after pill?
87. Gotten so sick your swore off a particular type of
alcohol (teqilla anyone??)
88. Smoked in the bathroom of high school?
89. Smoked up in the bathroom of high school?
90. Run from a police officer?
91. Talked your way out of a traffic ticket?
92. Spent the night in jail?
93. Had phone sex?
94. Had phone sex so hot the operator listened in?
95. Laughed out loud at a funeral?
96. Had sex at a funeral?
97. In the coffin?
98. Thought your were, or wanted to be a vampire?
99. Had a pregnancy scare?
100. Had a pregnancy scare so severe you were looking at books of baby names?
101. Given someone a fake phone number?
102. Gotten kicked out of a bar?
103. Gotten carried out of a bar?
104. Crawled out of a bar?
105. Been proposed to? (doesn't have to be a ring involved)
106. Been a peeping Tom?
107. Been to "South of the Border"
108. And not gotten tired of all of the "South of the Border"
signs before you got there?"
109. Had sex on the beach (the drink or the act)
110. Been fined for indecent exposure?
111. Had a fire drill occur at an innopertune time?
112. Had a flash flood occur at an innoppertune time?
113. Done the "mad search for clothes" when someone knocked on the door?
114. Walked around the next day bow-legged?
115. Sat through an entire "Real World" or "Road Rules" marathon?
116. Actually said "shaken, not stirred"
117. Actually taken 21 shots on your 21st birthday (don't try this at home kiddies)
118. Had a hangover so bad you wanted someone to shoot you?
119. Had to go to school anyway? (High school that is, or even middle school for the psychopaths.. college,  when everyone else is in the same state, doesn't count)
120. Frenched kissed someone in the ear and lost your gum in the process?
121. Actually chosen to drive a car with a bigger backseat knowing that it would be used that night?
123. Been asked by police officers to move along?
124. Stood outside a convience store trying to find a non-minor to buy you alchol?
125. Done body shots?
126. Eaten the worm?
127. Dated someone and their sibling?
128. At the same time?
129. Dated someone and their parent?
130. Passed out with your head in the toilet?
131. Passed out with your ass in the toilet?
132. Showered (alone or otherwise) in a hall dorm shower (the type shared by a bazillion people) in the bathroom of the opposite sex?
133. Used someone else's toothbrush?
134. Without telling them?
135. Been put to sleep on your stomach or side so you couldn't choke on your own puke?
136. Said "Whoa! I didn't know a human could make that noise"
137. Said the above during sex?
138. Realized it WASN'T a human making that noise?
139. Played strip poker?
140. And gotten completely naked?
141. And not try to run and hide?
142. Played strip monopoly?
143. And built hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place?
144. Been embarassed to pick up your pictures from Wal-Mart because you remember what was on that roll of film?
145. Known all the words to "Devil went down to Georgia"? 
146. PROVE IT.
147. Put someone's hand in warm water to see if it would make them pee?
148. Did it?
149. Been so scared at a horror movie you grabbed someone's leg you didn't know?
150. Been snuck into any movie because you were underage?
151. Been snuck into any bar/club because you were underage?
152. Used a fake ID and then forgotten what your new name was?
153. Used a fake ID that said you were more than 7 years older than your actual age?
154. Said "what the hell?", threw on a baseball cap and  tried it anyway?
155. Stuck out your tongue at the security cameras at an  ATM?
156. Tried to guess someone's password?
157. Had sex on a rollercoaster? (Keep hands and arms inside car at all times, and have a nice day here at Paramount's Kings Dominion)
158. Had an arguement about the best type of beer? (If anyone says Beast lite.. you MUST be from Virginia... YUCK.)
159. Had a sex dream about a professor?
160. Acted on this dream?
161. Commited staturory rape? (the person is under 17, and more than 3 years younger than you)
162. Gotten married?
163. Run out of a bathroom screaming "Yes!! I got my period!.. I don't have to change diapers!!"
164. Pretended to drop a utensil at a restaurant, as an excuse for going under the table and giving your date a blow job? (Hint.. the presence of tablecloths helps for this one)
165. Carried on a conversation where one or more of the participants had their head in a toilet or trashcan?
166. Been so drunk you couldn't remember where you lived?
167. Listened to Howard Stern and NOT laughed?
168. Listened to Howard Stern and said "this man is a pig" and laughed anyway?
169. Sat through the "Beavis and Butt-Head movie" more than 5 times? (In the theater)
170. Seriously thought about becoming a nun to avoid contact with males?
171. Become a nun?
172. Hid cigarettes in your nun's habit?
173. Know all the words to "Master of the House" from Les Miz? (Master of the house.. isn't worth my spit, comforter, philosopher, and life long SHIT)
174. Slept on the job?
175. Slept with your face on the cash register?
176. Turned on loud music after close at a retail store and danced around with the vacuum cleaner?
177. Fooled around in the stockroom while on the job?
178. Locked the door of the stockroom so you could fool around?
179. Been walked in on by your manager anyway?
180. Had sex in a Victoria's Secret dressing room?
181. Gotten caught?
182. Gotten kicked out of Victoria's Secret for smelling the lingere?
183. Been frisked by cops?
184. Been frisked, but not at a concert?
185. Been frisked, but they didn't find what you were hiding down your shorts?
186. Had a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's?
187. Since you were 8?
188. Flicked your lights at someone so they'd know they were about to pass a cop?
189. Slammed on your brakes to make the guy tailgating you go all over the road?
190. Gotten your braces locked together kissing someone?
191. And had to walk to the school nurse to get them unhooked?
192. Been fooling around with someone and had a cop stop and ask "Is everything alright here?"
193. Had to show how to/help a guy unhook a bra?
194. Had sex with an RA?
195. Had an RA walk in whille you were having sex?
196. Had a guy/girl give you flowers?
197. Made out under the stars? 
198. Done the "walk of shame"?
199. Lied about your birthday just to get a free dessert and a funny little hat?
200. Been fed strawberries? 
201. Had sex in a national park?
202. Had sex with more than one person at the same time?
203. Slept in a bed with more than 5 people?
204. Taken a shower with someone and wished you had a step stool because of height differences?
205. Gotten hard to explain bruises?
206. Gotten Lockjaw?
207. Had a shotgun wedding?
208. Had your drivers license revoked?
209. Screwed around in a picture taking booth?
210. Screwed around on King's Dominion's "Haunted River?"
211. Screwed around in King's Dominion's "Smurf Mountain ?"
212. Had a hickey last for more than two weeks?
213. Gotten a tatoo?
214. Stopped kissing (or having sex with) someone to say "What's your name again?"
215. Been so embarassed at what you did last weekend, you refused to show your face in a particular fraternity house?
216. Had your picture on a frat house refrigerator?
217. Where you didn't have clothes on?
218. Taken an elevator, because you were too drunk to handle steps, and then realized the motion of the elevator was going to make you sick?
219. Screwed around in an elevator?
220. Had sex in an elevator?
221. Without hitting the "Stop" button?
222. Gone somewhere in the presence of a member of the opposite sex, just to be seen by an ex?
223. Gotten less than a 40% on the purity test?
224. Been fooling around in the car and accidently honked the horn?
225. Had sex in a tree? (or treehouse?)